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"This music SUCKS!"

– Sean Kelly


"If you don't turn that down, I'm going to take that record player away from you."

–  Anita Santulli


"It's got a good beat and I can dance to it."

– Any 80's Music Fan

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Since I was a kid, I found myself enjoying music outside of the mainstream. Tormenting my parents with experimental "rock" (The Residents' "Mark of The Mole" LP springs to mind) and challenging my friends with the latest bargain bin vinyl obscura, I finally found a niche when the concept "new wave" began to catch on.

Over the years I discovered that I couldn't get enough of it. As a fan of 80's music in general I had amassed a huge collection of music that most of my fellow 80's fans had never heard before. I truly enjoyed sharing this music on the short-lived discovery site turntable.fm.

80's music is far more vast than most stations broadcast. Listen HERE for something new!